Jean PAYSANT, Professor PRM
MD specialist PRM, PhD
23 Février 1967, Nancy (Meurthe et Moselle, France)
Maried, 3 children

Address :
Institut Régional de Réadaptation, 75, boulevard Lobau, CS 34209 - 54042 NANCY Cedex – UGECAM du Nord-Est
Mail :
 : 03 83 52 67 50

Degrees and qualifications

  • Medical Doctor, specialist Physical Rehabilitation and Medicine (IRR of Nancy, France, 1996)

  • European Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (1996)

  • DEA Biomechanics (Paris XI Orsay, 1996)

  • Physical Doctor and Habilitation to Drive Research (“Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé” University of Bourgogne Franche Comté, Dijon, 2006)

  • University Professor (University of Lorraine, 2007)

  • Research Team : DevAH DEVelopment, Adaptation and Handicap (University of Lorraine)


Medical Manager of Regional Institute of Rehabilitation (IRR) (University Hospital of Lorraine, UGECAM) :

  • 260 beds for conventional hospitalization

  • 180 places for ambulatory and alternative hospitalization

  • PRM children and adults (neurology, polytraumatology, pediatrics, locomotion, nutrition)

  • 27 medical doctors, specialists PRM

Head of department of Acute Rehabilitation (CHRU Nancy)

Chief of SRPR (CHRU Nancy) : Service of Reanimation and early rehabilitation for neurotrauma and neurovascular disease

University Professor in PRM :

  • Academic training : medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, prosthetics and orthotics

  • Research training for Master and Ph Thesis : biomechanics, prosthetics and orthotics, visuospatial representation and body schema

Elected representations :

  • President of Lorraine Institute of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy teaching (ILFMKE, Nancy)

  • President of French Association for Prosthetic and Orthetic (AFA, Paris)

  • Vice-president of SOFMER (French Society of PRM)

  • Member of European Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (2013)

  • Member of National Council of University (Section 49-05 : PRM) (2015)

  • Member of Administration Council of Medicine Faculty (University of Lorraine) (2017)

163 publications and oral communications

  • 73 conferences or communications (10 internationals)

  • 15 didactic publications : articles and book chapters

  • 75 scientific publications