Scientific programme

We will compile an exciting programme for the digital congress - be curious!

Get a deeper insight into the programme key topics, which await you along the congress:

• Acute neurorehabilitation
• Stroke – impairment vs. compensation, long-term survivors with disability
• Future organisation of rehabilitation services
• Epistemological and biometric strategies
• High-tech approaches (Robotics, VR, AR, Gaming)
• New horizons in neurobiology, neuropharmacology, and nutrition
• Cognitive training strategies
• Pain management
• Rehab in transition from childhood to adulthood
• Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury
• Neuroprosthetics
• Mind/brain interface
• Musculo skelettal disorders (or osteoarthitis)
• Sport Medicine
• Bladder and bowel impairment
• Spine disorders
• Community based rehabilitation
• Amputees
• Neuro-orthopaedics and spasticity
• Paediatric rehabilitation
• Movement analysis
• Physical activities
• Technical aids for persons with disabilities
• Cardiac and respiratory rehabilitation
• Care pathways in PRM
• Cancer and rehabilitation

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