Social programme, recreation & break activities

A congress also lives from personal interaction, from shared moments and experiences! Even if this is not possible in the usual way this year, we have arranged the social programme for you listed below.

Social Programme

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Sing with us and let us create a lasting memory together!The idea: We meet in a digital concert hall and sing together the world-famous French song: Frère Jacques.We will provide text translations in numerous national languages.We will all be delighted to listen to our masterpiece again at the Opening Ceremony in Lyon in 2022!

Wednesday, 7 October
20:10 h (CEST (UTC +2))

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew that life is much too short to drink bad wine. The world of wine offers countless taste experiences and is as complex as it is delicious. To enjoy wine properly, to taste the subtle differences between wines of different origins and production requires practice.

Our wine expert will take you into the wide world of wine in a live seminar!

Friday, 9 October
20:00 h (CEST (UTC +2))

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Time to dance! Learn some steps within the WFNR & SOFMER dance class. Our dancing teacher will show some first Charleston moves in a live meeting.

You have no dance partner? No worries, the class will be without need of a dance partner, just enjoy a funny moving evening.

Saturday, 10 October
20:00 h (CEST (UTC +2))

Recreation & break activities

What do you associate with the WFNR & SOFMER 2020?

Follow the link and tell us the three most intuitive words that come to your mind when you hear "WFNR & SOFMER 2020 congress". We will create a word cloud out of all the ideas submitted, which, like our canon, will accompany us in Lyon 2022.

Take part in our Selfie contest with a photo of your participation in the first digital WFNR & SOFMER congress!
Show yourself by watching a digital session, or by participating in our social programme! The most original submission will receive a free participation in the social evening in Lyon 2022 - we look forward to your pictures!

Please do not forget to include your full name, unless it is automatically recognisable from the sender's address, so that you can be considered in the draw.

Find out in which beautiful city we will hopefully meet again personally in 2022! 

Want to relax? Then follow the link and discover the soothing effect of yoga!