Teaching Programme

Pre-Conference Teaching Course

Date:     06–07 October 2020
Fee:     registration is required:

  • 75 EUR without conference registration
  • free of charge with conference registration

The WFNR developed and publishes evidence-based practice recommendations for stroke rehabilitation.

This 2-day teaching course will be given by the international faculty authoring the practice recommendations. It covers all clinical aspects relevant for stroke rehabilitation from how to assess and treat disorders of consciousness, cognitive, language and visual rehabilitation to motor rehabilitation and spasticity management. It is suitable for all professions involved in neurorehabilitation and serves as an update for clinical practice.

International Teaching Programme

Date:    07 October 2020

Title: Brain functional anatomy: from theory to practice
Key aspects:
The following key aspects will be covered by the international teaching programme:

  • Functional anatomy of the brain
  • The motor system and basal ganglia
  • Wakefulness / awareness and the meso-circuit
  • sectional anatomy on brain imaging
  • brain lesions on MRI: guess the neurological consequences

Young Clinician Teaching Day

Date:    07 October 2020

We are excited to announce the teaching day dedicated to our youngsters of the congress. Based on the European core curriculum in neurorehabilitation and together with established and other young researchers, you will explore and develop your interests and basic knowledge that will help you follow and fully understand the issues of the upcoming sessions during our congress.